Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Review

Yes it is here. After months of rumours and speculation, the Iphone 5 came out almost one and a half weeks ago on the 21st. Many wonder if the phone is worth upgrading from older 4S and 4 models. Let’s see if it is.

What are the main features of the new handset? Well, if you’ve been scouring the web to answer that very question or at least tune into main tech articles then you already know the main changes in hardware and software. But for the purposes of this review let’s get a good look at these changes.

The biggest feature that makes the 5 a significant change to the Iphone series is the increased screen size. While not wider, it is longer, bringing the screen to a nice size of 4 inches. Apple defends its decision of not increasing the width along with this, saying that the size is already the optimum width for holding the phone for most users. Also saying that the size is not too big, but is “just right”. This may be true, with some users of the huge 4.7” and 5” screens on Samsung and HTC devices complaining that with one hand it takes more of an effort to touch the outer edge areas of their phones. That’s not to say that 4” is the exact perfect size for all people, with most Samsung phone customers happy with their choice, I mean, after all, you do have two hands.

Nonetheless, you still see more of your emails, the web, messages and well, everything. Users of the previous 4 and 4S models will definitely notice a bigger and more modern smartphone size screen. While it will take some app developers a bit longer to update all of their apps to accommodate the longer screen size, your phone experience is most certainly changed for the better.

So is the Iphone 5 just a longer version of the previous models? Well, no. Apple has added  Ultra Fast Wireless and the capability of 4G and LTE networks, with never-before-seen-of speeds of calls, messaging and most-excitingly, the web and downloads. Of course it all depends on your country of residence and your service provider, with many countries and providers not having these types of networks available at the moment. So depending on your circumstances, these features could mean nothing to you or everything to you.

The 5 also comes up to speeds with a better quality 8mp camera and 1080p video recording on the back, and 720p on the front. While this is not a massive camera change from the 4S, it still makes your future photo and video galleries of a more higher quality and just, well… beautiful. It also has a new panorama feature that allows you to take a nice long picture that might not fit into one photo.

With this model being the biggest change since the Iphone 4, it has a new feel to it. It is the lightest Iphone yet, weighing only 116 grams. This is unquestionably noticeable to anyone that has used the S3 (133 grams), the 4 or 4S (140 grams). You don’t expect an Iphone to be that light and yet it surprisingly is. It is also the thinnest. The S3 is 8.6mm thick and, its previous counterpart, the 4S is 9.3mm thick, while the 5 comes in at 7.6mm. These specs may not be that big of a change, but when holding the thinner, lighter and larger Iphone, you will positively take note of its brilliant feel and look.

Iphone 4S (left) vs Iphone 5 (right)
The new Iphone 5 has a new processor, the A6, which is incredibly fast and fluid. Apps open faster, run completely smoothly and graphics execute very nicely.

The new Iphone 5 has a completely new look and feel - a lighter and thinner device with a larger screen which still fits nicely in one hand, which makes using an Iphone very different and just plain awesome compared to previous models. It is faster, has more capabilities for 4G and LTE networks and has a higher resolution camera. Although this new model has a new adapter which makes using stereo and station chargers with the 5 impossible, it is a small price for a brilliantly redesigned Iphone with a good amount of features that make upgrading that much more worth it. It brings all the things that we expected and wanted in a new Apple mobile device.


Iphone5 is the best smartphone. Its more slimmer and has powerful feature. Great looking design, light weight and improved display.

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