Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Starcraft 2: HotS Coming - Beta Opening Soon

As the second segment of the Starcraft 2 comes closer to realease, the BETA is soon opening. Of course, first the testers that assisted in the previous patch updates and BETA's will get the first call and then probably other pro-gamers and the media, but blizzard says that "over time, we will add more and more testers into the mix."

Be sure to get yourself at least a chance to play the early beta version of Heart of the Swarm. A whole new zerg-focused campaign, new units and therefore a new multiplayer experience are some of the main additions that it tops Wings of Liberty with.

A whole new story focused directly on the powerful Zerg faction is the setting of the campaign

To make sure that you actually opted-in to get a chance of participation in the BETA of Heart of the Swarm go to and follow the simple process. Also look out for beta give away on "favorite fansites and community personalities".

Personally I have loved Starcraft 2 since it was released and participating in the Wings of Liberty BETA was a blast. You got to experience all the new units added from the original and Brood Wars.


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