Saturday, 25 August 2012

10 Great Iphone Games That You've Never Heard Of

Apps are becoming more and more sophisticated. Gaming apps especially are in high demand because they are definitely becoming the most played portable video games. Finding quality game apps is supposedly pretty easy; going to the “top 25” or scrolling through the categories of the games section in the App Store / Play Store. But there are many great games that don’t seem to attract that much attention. This post will show you 10 brilliant Iphone games that you probably never knew existed. Note: Click on any of the App names to go to the app store and see various screenshots.

Tilt to live is a very addictive game based on a very simple yet fun idea of dots chasing you, playing as an arrow-shaped player. You tilt the device in any direction to manoeuvre the arrow around the screen, getting away from the dots but also activating floating bombs or other power-ups. It has got various modes, from classic to “code red”, all fun and exciting.

Hanger is a fun arcade/adventure game. You go through various 2D levels by using hanger ropes (I guess, hopefully not implicating that it stole any ideas from Spiderman) to skilfully trying to keep most of your body parts and to complete each level in the least time.

A puzzle game similar to other popular apps like Unblockme, Blockwick provides numerous block-moving puzzles. Your aim in each puzzle is to make all coloured blocks come in contact with its counterparts.

An awesome arcade game, some people even going as far as saying it’s the next angry birds. Utilizing a great physics engine, it provides the goal in each course to get the ball in the hole with the least hits. Sound the same to regular golf? Well, it’s far from it, issuing power-ups and abilities that have to be used strategically to lessen your total swings.

A game from the folks at yoyo games that brought you many popular games, Karoshi is a puzzle and arcade game. In each level your aim is to kill yourself (I know, not traditional at all). You achieve this by jumping into spikes, burned or getting crushed by boxes. It has definitely got a weird story but some unmissable puzzles.

Also from yoyo games, Reflexions is a game in which you unleash a flying circle that bounces of the various angled walls and panels. You control many panels by changing their angle so as to manage the direction of the floating orange circle, trying to collect all blue boxes and getting to the exit cube in the least time and least panel changes.

A fast-paced 3D speed runner, Boost 2 has some great detail and provides enough fast-paced excitement to make that five minute sitting a very enjoyable one. You tilt your device to change lanes inside a large cylindrical racing tube (I’m sorry, but what else do I call it). The tube unfolds in regular intervals and forms another tube while you race on the outside. Your goal is to survive the longest without getting hit by various patterns of squares that appear on many lanes of the track.

A tower-defence game, it is quite detailed and utilizes a very balanced strategy type of gameplay. You must protect the end of the level from the weird ships and giant creatures that come down the path. Build various types of towers along the sides of the path to protect the end. A great selection of types of turrets is used to make sure that you have to use every tower to its fullest potential to survive.

An arcade and puzzle game, amazing breaker provides different levels to challenge your glass destruction skills. There are different types of bombs and devices that you use on the glass shape to destroy most or all of the glass. A great find!

A game that has both puzzle and arcade modes. In puzzle mode, you must time the gravitational pull of different coloured power balls to make sure that every colour is collected into their groups without any touching. In arcade, you must quickly activate power balls to attract those of that colour to it, also without any touching balls.

If you check out these apps and find that they are as awesome as I stated, please give some feedback in the comments. Hope you’ve enjoyed and found this article helpful.


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